At sizzle daddy we specialize in producing top-of-the-line sizzle reels for entertainment and corporate markets. We are a lean and mean soup-to-nuts team that produces amazing results at very competitive prices. We also produce other types of video: branded entertainment, reality shows, short and long-form documentaries web-spots, and webisodes. And, if you've shot the footage, we often will take on projects as editors and/or graphic designers. Some of the top production companies in the nation have used our services to design and/or edit their work. 

We meld the creative energies of Seth Reuben Jacobson (producer/director/editor), Mike Allen (editor/graphics), Kolin Smith (lead videographer/photographer), and Eric Miranda (lead writer).  

Please check out some of our sizzle reels and other work on this site.  

For a free consultation, contact us at 917 549 2262 or via this link. We are located in the East Village of Manhattan (just off Tompkins Square).